Marvelous Monday

Today the preschoolers started their day by drawing in their notebooks! This has become a favorite activity of the preschoolers!

This morning at circle time we read a story all about bees. We learned that bees sip nectar and carry pollen to make honey. We also saw some real pictures of beehives.

Our project of the day was to make our own fingerprint beehive. The preschooler dipped their fingers in a paint mixture and filled their hive with the prints (to look like cells of honey). After they finished we used their thumbprints to make bees. These stayed at school to dry today!

During Jesus time, we heard the story of a disciple of Jesus told all about Jesus to a man who did not understand what the words in the bible meant! What a great lesson for us to know that we can tell others of Jesus !

I hope everyone has a great evening and see you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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