Wonderful Wednesday

The preschoolers started their day by drawing and writing in their notebooks. They never fail to surprise us with their creative drawings!

During circle time we played an alphabet matching game. Each preschooler was given an alphabet card and had to match it to one of the letters on the carpet. The preschoolers loved this game so much so we played it a few times! We read another story about the zoo and focused on a lion.

Our project of the day was to paint a paper plate orange and then glued yellow, orange and brown paper strips to the plate. AFter that I helped the preschoolers to attach a popsicle stick to the plate. When it was all finished the preschoolers had a lion mask!

During chapel today, Pastor Biber continued the study of the Lord’s Prayer with the preschoolers. WE also got to sing our song of the month, I Am Unique! The preschoolers love this song!

Have a great evening!

Miss O’Toole

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