Terrific Thursday

The preschoolers started their day by writing in their notebooks. They really enjoy telling us about what they draw. When they finished they were able to play with blocks, read and play with puzzles.

During circle time we read the story One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and found that it was not much about fish. Nonetheless, the preschoolers have so enjoyed listening to Dr. Seuss books and looking at the wonderful illustrations.

Our project of the day was to make red fish and blue fish in a fish bowl. The preschoolers did this by folding and crumpling tissue paper onto two fish outlines and then coloring the water in the fish bowl blue.

A favorite center that we did today was using goldfish to count fish into fishbowls.

During Jesus time, we used pictures to retell our story of Pentecost. The preschoolers helped me to retell the story.

Don’t forget tomorrow is a half day!

See you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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