Tip-Top Tuesday

The preschoolers started their day with some zig-zag cutting! This was great cutting practice and fit in well with our letter Z.

During circle time we read another Dr. Seuss story, Green Eggs and Ham. The preschoolers loved listening to this story and loved the reactions the characters had to one another. This story was inspiration in our dramatic play center, where many friends played in the kitchen and served green eggs and ham.

Our project of the day was to create a marble painted green egg. The preschoolers pretended they were Sam-I-Am’s friend who did not like the green eggs and ham and told me a place they would not eat the green eggs and ham!

Mrs. Wolfgram led our Jesus time today. What a nice treat! We read from our Story Bible about the story of Pentecost. After that the preschoolers engaged in a repeat poem with actions to help them remember the story!

We had a VERY fun day in preschool today.

Have a great evening.

Miss O’Toole

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