Marvelous Monday

The preschoolers started their day by coming to the table and coloring some farm animals. This would help us to complete our project of the day.

During circle time, we watched a video on the Smartboard about all of the animals that live on the farm. After the video we made a list of the animals on the farm. We also talked about who takes care of the animals and where the animals stay.

Our project of the day was to create a barn using popsicle sticks, glue, scissors and our farm animals. The preschoolers started by cutting their farm animals out. After that, they used glue to trace the outline of the barn and then placed a popsicle stick onto the glue. When those were complete, the preschoolers chose a spot for their animals! They had fun making these crafts!

During Jesus time, we talked about Jesus ascension into heaven. We talked about how Jesus told people all over of the wonderful things He had done and when He was finished it was time for him to enter His Heavenly home. The preschoolers wondered how Jesus could go up to Heaven, so we spent some time looking at pictures of Jesus ascension on the Smartboard.

During our prayer at the end of Jesus time, we used a repeat prayer from our CPH book. In the prayer, we thanked Jesus for protecting us from the power of the devil. I had some questions about who/what the devil was. We addressed it and talked about how the devil is the one who tempts us to do things that aren’t good. We then talked about who helps us to do good things and the preschoolers responded with their favorite answer… JESUS :)!

We ended our day by singing a classic farm song, Old Macdonald had a Farm! The preschooler had fun making animal noises and remembering some of the animals that live on the farm!

Don’t forget that book orders are due Friday, April 16.

Have a great evening!

Miss O’Toole

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