Terrific Thursday

The preschoolers started their day with a sticker sheet. They used colorful circle stickers to place over the X.

During circle time, I asked the preschoolers how a plant grows. We talked about the steps we have to take to help a plant grow. We discussed what comes first, next and last and made sure we did everything in the right order. Come and check out our story in the hallway!

Our project of the day was to make a tissue paper flower. The preschoolers used green for the stem and leaves and then were able to use any color they wanted. This project was time consuming for some, but is great for fine motor skills!

During Jesus time, we had a visit from our friend Zippy. Zippy came in carrying a big bag of books. He pulled each out and kept asking what each book could teach us. One was an atlas, another was a phone book and then he pulled out the Bible. Instead of giving a description of what could be learned in the Bible, I asked the preschoolers. They said we could learn about Jesus and God and could hear stories about Jesus! These were such great answers. 🙂 We finished our discussion with Zippy by saying that the Bible is the best book we could have!

We ended our day by playing a seed sorting game on the Smartboard! The preschoolers were so excited to get a turn.

Have a great evening.

Miss O’Toole

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