Wonderful Wednesday

The preschoolers started their day by using q-tips to make their letter X. After that they had some free play time! The preschoolers have been so flexible this week as we have changed our schedule around to work on portfolio projects!

During circle time we used our Smartboard to look at and listen to our Scholastic Reader. This weeks issue was all about how carrots grow. Ask your preschooler if they can tell you something they learned about carrots and their growth!

Our project of the day was to create a flower garden on a paper plate. The preschoolers used brown and blue paint to create the sky and the soil. When they were finished they added glue strips for their stems. When the stems were added they could then pick flowers to put in their garden! The preschoolers had a lot of fun creating their garden!

During chapel, Pastor Biber continued teaching us about the Lord’s Prayer. It is so impressive to see that many of the preschoolers are picking up some and many phrases! We also sang a new song in chapel! Ask your preschooler if they remember how it goes!

Have a great evening!

Miss O’Toole

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