Terrific Thursday

The preschoolers started their day by drawing in their notebooks. We haven’t done this in a while and the preschoolers were happy to have a free write/draw!

During circle time, we noticed that the caterpillars we had hanging around our classroom had turned into a chrysalis. We read a story to help us better understand what this meant. We learned that while in the chrysalis the caterpillar undergoes a change called metamorphosis (the preschoolers had fun with this word). We discussed that when the caterpillar comes out, it is no longer a caterpillar but a beautiful butterfly. After the story, we took sometime to “act out” each stage that we learned about. The preschoolers had so much fun with this.

Our project of the day was a continuation from Tuesday. We decorated some wings so that we could help our caterpillars completely transform into butterflies. The preschoolers used two coffee filters and dobbers to make this happen! They were so excited to see their final product.

An ABC activity we did today was to build the letter W out of toothpicks. The preschoolers put glue to trace the W and then built the rest with the toothpicks. This is a great fine motor activity and a great way for preschoolers to be active in their learning!


If you have not yet turned in your re-enrollment forms, be sure to do before May 6th to get $100 re-enrollment fee. After May 6th, the fee jumps to $175.

Have a great evening!

Miss O’Toole

Terrific Thursday

The preschoolers started their day by doing a letter “N” Q-tip sheet. After they were finished they were able to free play in the classroom.

During circle time, we read a story that taught us how to stay safe in a tornado. After reading this we found our spot in the basement that would keep us safe in case of a tornado. The preschoolers did an EXCELLENT job staying quiet and following directions.

During Jesus time, a disciple of Jesus came to visit. He gave us more information about Jesus and his friends at the last supper. The preschoolers loved meeting him and listening to his story.

Our project of the day was to create a tornado. Each preschooler was given a piece of white paper with black and white paint swirled on top. The preschoolers were then given a piece of plastic wrap to paint with. They used their hands to move the paint around and saw the colors mixing. They loved seeing their creation after the plastic wrap was taken off.

During center time, I asked the preschoolers what they would do if a tornado was coming, I recorded their responses and will hang these up along with their tornado in the hall for you to see!


Tomorrow Mrs. Hofman will be subbing for me. I have already let all of the preschoolers know so they are aware!

Next week, March 14-18 is spring break. We will have no school.

Have a wonderful spring break!

Miss O’Toole

Wonderful Wednesday

The preschoolers started their day with some free play around the room. They enjoyed this very much. As they played Mrs. Wolfgram and I called them over to sponge paint their windsock.

During circle time we used our weekly reader to teach us about wind. We watched a video about the wind and learned how the wind can be helpful and some ways that it can be dangerous.

After that, each preschooler was given some streamers to carry around in a parade. We watched how the wind made the streamers move.

During chapel, Pastor Biber shared another great message about the Lord’s Prayer. The preschoolers have been practicing this all year and many have picked up some key phrases :). We have also been singing our song of the month “Love in a Box”. Ask your preschooler to sing it for you.

During center time, the preschoolers finished their craft project. The preschoolers glued streamers onto the bottom of the sponge-painted paper. We encouraged the preschoolers to make patterns out of the streamers.
Mrs. Wolfgram finished them up by stapling and adding the string to hang them.

Our centers of the day were:

-sticking golf tees in playdough for fine motor control and to practice one to one correspondence
-block center
-dramatic play
-building the letter N with noodles
-free play around the room

To end our day we did a science experiment on the carpet. Each preschooler got a straw and we talked about how we could create wind. We put our hands on the end to feel the “wind” blowing out. We then gathered some items and made predictions as to if we thought our wind could move these objects. Each preschooler took the object (crayon, cotton ball…) and tried to see if they could make it move. This experiment was so fun!


Next week, March 14-18 is spring break and there will be no school.

Have a great day!

Miss O’Toole

Tip-Top Tuesday

Today the preschoolers started their day by gluing nickels onto the letter N. Many noticed that the nickel was a coin or money and we talked about how much it was worth.

During circle time we continued our weather theme on the rain. We started by having the preschoolers close their eyes and listen for a sound, as I used this instrument the preschoolers immediately guessed that the sound was like rain. We talked about what rain was and where it comes from. We also discussed what we should and should not wear in the rain. After that we read a book called “Drip, Drop”. This continued our discussion of what to wear and not to wear when it is raining.

During Jesus time, we continued talking about when Jesus washed his friends feet. We learned that this was definitely not something that Jesus had to do, but he WANTED to do it to help his friends. We talked about ways that we could help our friends and tried to practice this throughout center time.

Our project of the day was to create a raindrop using contact paper and tissue paper. The preschoolers were given an assortment of blue tissue paper colors and placed them all over the contact paper. They did their best to cover up all the sticky parts of the contact paper. These will be hung on the windows of our classroom.

Our centers of the day were:

-Building with different kinds of blocks
-Building the letter N with noodles
-A science experiment in a jar using water, shaving cream and colored water to show the process of the clouds when it rains
-Meteorology dramatic play
-Writing, puzzles. reading
-The preschoolers used toothpicks and marshmallows to create and build things using their imagination (fences, letters, rockets, sea creatures)

We ended our day by reading the story “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”. The preschoolers were very intrigued by this story and were sad to find out we didn’t have time to finish it. I told them we will finish reading tomorrow!

Just a reminder
There will be no school next week, March 14-18 for Spring Break!


Miss O’Toole

Marvelous Monday


Today the preschoolers started their day by coloring our letter of the week, N. Some preschoolers love coloring the N all one color, while others like to make different patterns.

During circle time we kicked off our weather week by reading a story called “Little Cloud” by Eric Carle. We talked about and watched the ways Little Cloud floated in the sky and the many different things he turned into. After the story, the preschoolers thought about a time they saw a “picture” in the clouds. They loved sharing and this was inspiration for our project of the day!

After circle time, we lined up and got our coats on to head outside. No sooner, it started DOWNPOURING and we had to change our plans. What flexible preschoolers we have!

When we came to Jesus time, we noticed a bowl of water, some old sandals and a towel. This sparked much curiosity and we couldn’t quite figure out where they came from. Just then Zippy came in and helped us with our Bible story for the day. We talked about the story when Jesus washed His disciples feet. We talked about how Jesus didn’t HAVE to wash their feet but WANTED to. This made us think about the love and kindness Jesus was showing to His friends. We practiced this today and talked about the ways we could make this possible.

Our project of the day was creating puffy paint clouds. I gave each preschooler a big scoop of paint and before they started we remembered our story and how Little Cloud turned into many different things. As they moved their paint around with a spoon, I told them to think of something they might see in the clouds. After they finished they told me what they made and it was written down. These cloud creations will be on display in the hallway!

Our centers of the day were:
-Using pipettes to make raindrops on trays and using clouds “cotton balls” to absorb the water. When the cotton balls got too full, they started dripping. We talked about how this is what happens when clouds become so full of rain!
-We stretched clouds (spiderweb) onto Geoboards to make different shapes/pictures
-Had a letter hunt in the sensory table using magnets, white pom poms and tweezers
-Many different blocks were out today in the block center and we saw so many different building
-Reading center
-In the writing center the preschoolers practiced writing their names on long sentence strips
– In the dramatic play center, the preschoolers were “meteorologists” and studied the weather, drew pictures and even gave a weather forecast

At the end of our day, we sat on the carpet and read a story called “Clouds”.

We had such a fun day of learning and play in our classroom!

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Fantastic Friday

The preschoolers started their fun Friday by using playdough. They used playdough cutters and rolling pins to make different things out of their playdough.

During circle time we discussed our final mode of transportation; a boat. We talked about where boats travel. We also talked about different kinds of boats like canoes, speedboats (boats with a motor) and sailboats. We also did an activity in which the preschoolers were given a sticker (car, boat, plane, train) and had to decide if it traveled in air, land or water.

Our project of the day was to paint a milk carton that was in the shape of a boat. After that Mrs. Wolfgram and I helped the preschoolers to put the rest of the boat together.

Our centers of the day were:
-Seeing if items would sink or float in the sensory table
-Using boats and blocks in the block center to take people and animals from place to place
-Sorting boats, planes, cars and trains by where they travel
-Building the letter M using M&M’s and marshmallows
-Kitchen and train
-Reading and Writing

We also made books called Things That Go. On each page the preschoolers had to add a sticker that matched the scene. These were fun to make and will be fun for them to look at.

During Jesus time we sang a song and did a dance of praise to Jesus. After that we went to the tables to do an activity. The preschoolers wrote their name on a green “palm leaf” and then when we came back, added it to our own palm branch. We used this to pray for each of our preschoolers and will hang it on our door as a reminder that there is always a reason to pray.

Have a great weekend!

Miss O’Toole

Terrific Thursday

This morning the preschoolers started their day by doing a letter M q-tip sheet. As they worked, we talked about words that start with letter M.

During circle time we talked about another form of transportation; a train. We talked about what we knew about trains. We talked about the cars on a train and the different things that trains carry. Then we read an ABC story about trains and the preschoolers loved hearing about the different parts of a train.

Our project of the day was to create a train. The preschoolers all sat at a table together and shared paint to make their very own train. Then we attached the wheels and the smoke stack to finish our trains.

Our centers of the day were:
-Creating trains using legos and yarn
-rolling playdough to make letters
-combining and taking away at a math center
-ABC and Number train puzzles
-Train table
-Writing center

During Jesus time, we did a fingerplay to retell our story of Jesus coming to Jerusalem. We dove in deeper and talked about Jesus knowing that when He arrived in Jerusalem He would have to go and die on the cross. We talked about our part in Jesus story. We talked about how we can praise, love and sing to Jesus to show our love for him.

Have a great evening and see many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Tip-Top Tuesday

The preschoolers started their day with a fine motor activity of peeling and placing stickers. The preschoolers placed Minion and Mickey Mouse stickers onto the letter M.

During circle time we learned about another method of transportation; buses. We talked about different types of buses like public transportation and school buses. We talked about why people might need to take a bus. We then sang the song “The Wheels on the Bus”.
We also did a circle time activity where the preschoolers were given some marbles and they tried to build the letter M. This was a tough activity but many of them got it!

During Jesus time, we talked a bit more about Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. We read a passage from The Bible and heard the song that the people welcoming Jesus, sang. We heard that they called Him a King. Then our friend Zippy came in and was talking all about kings. We talked about how Jesus was a loving and compassionate King who loves and takes care of His people.

Our project of the day was to create a school bus. The preschoolers used liquid glue and we talked about using just a little. Then the preschoolers put some glue onto their school bus and placed yellow tissue paper on top. After that, they put on the wheels, windows and stripe.

We had a fun day!

Just a reminder that book orders are due on March 4th!

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole