Terrific Thursday

Happy Thursday!

We started our morning by coloring a picture that said “U” is for umbrella. So many of the preschoolers recognized the letter as soon as they sat down to color the sheet! WOW!!

Our centers of the day were hammering golf tees into a pumpkin, using yarn to create spider webs, ABC letter matching and exploring pumpkin “guts”. Some preschoolers were hesitant to explore, but every preschooler felt around a bit. Some words that were used to describe the pumpkin were slimy, squishy, soft and gross :).

Our project for the day was to use marbles to create a spider web. We used a spider shaped sponge to put the spiders on our paper and then when those were dry we put white paint on some marbles and rolled them around! The preschoolers really enjoyed this project!

During Jesus time we reviewed the story of Moses. We talked about God’s plan to keep Moses safe. We then talked about how God keeps us safe. After this discussion we colored a picture of baby Moses and then a picture of ourselves. We talked about how God gives us families to keep us safe.

Have a great evening/weekend!

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Wonderful Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

We started our morning off by putting some foam stickers on some orange pumpkins! The preschoolers loved picking out stickers and decorating their pumpkins!

Today we had our Harvest Party! The kiddos had an AWESOME time rotating through each activity that was planned! We had a tasty snack which was a Gus’ pretzel shaped like a pumpkin! We had fun making our craft, we got to paint (REAL) pumpkins and decorate them with googly eyes, glitter glue and pom poms! (These will be staying at school to dry). The game was also a big hit! First we got to bowl by rolling a green pumpkin at a stack of toilet paper rolls! The kiddos loved knocking over all of the rolls! When that game was finished we got to have a sack race. The preschoolers were so competitive but also encouraged one another!

The preschoolers were so excited to show off their dances to all of you! Thank you for watching 🙂

A BIG thanks to all of the parents who planned each activity and who came to help out! We all appreciate it so much! We could not have done it without you!


If you have not already, please turn in your grandparents day form!

Our canned food drive for Faith in Action started yesterday! Canned food donations are welcomed and encouraged! All of the goods will go to a local food pantry!

Trunk or Treat at the St. Lucas Campus parking lot from 6-8 PM on Friday.

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Tip -Top Tuesday

Is there anything that you are afraid of? Some of the preschoolers told me they were not afraid of anything! During circle time, we read a story called “The Little Old Lady who was not Afraid of Anything”. The preschoolers loved hearing this story!

Some of our centers for the day were spelling our names with alphabet magnets (we used our name cards to help), using pumpkin cookie cutters to make shapes in playdough and we used plastic hammers to “hammer” golf tees into a pumpkin (great fine motor skill).

Mrs. Hofman pulled the preschoolers out to make pumpkin heads! Tiny water bottles were used as the pumpkin and the preschoolers ripped and crumbled tissue paper to fill the inside. When that was finished the preschoolers made a unique face on their pumpkin! Look for these in your child’s backpack!

Mrs. Klug and I pulled the preschoolers aside to practice making our letter U. We used dobber sheets to practice the motion of the U and then used a crayon to trace a U!

During Jesus time we used our happy and sad puppets to continue talking about the story of Moses. We learned that Pharaoh was mean man who wanted to take the baby boys away from their families. But we learned that Pharaoh’s daughter wanted to keep the babies safe. Ask your child if they can tell you something about this story!


Our class Harvest Party is tomorrow from 10:30-11:30. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there and having a great time!

If you have not already, please turn in your grandparents day form! So far I only have a few.

Our canned food drive for Faith in Action started yesterday! Canned food donations are welcomed and encouraged! All of the goods will go to a local food pantry!

Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday!

We started our morning by doing a coloring sheet with our new letter of the week, U! I am really starting to see many of the preschoolers take their time when coloring!

During circle time we read a story called “It’s Pumpkin Time!” and learned how a pumpkin turns from a tiny seed into a big orange pumpkin! The preschoolers were amazed to hear about this and to see the changes the pumpkin made as it grew.

When we went out onto the playground, many of the preschoolers pretended to “bury” pumpkin seeds and watch them grow!

Our centers of the day were reading pumpkin and Halloween books in the library, visiting a pumpkin patch in dramatic play, lacing some Halloween themed lacing cards, searching for pumpkins in the sensory bin and doing some ABC letter matching! The preschoolers were busy but had a lot of fun during centers!

Mrs. Wolfgram pulled the students out to make a pumpkin patch using their thumbprints. The preschoolers then connected the pumpkins with a vine!

I pulled the students out to work on forming our letter of the week! We used q-tips to make the letter U and focused on putting our q-tip right in the circle to make the U!

Our Harvest party is on Wednesday, October 28 from 10:30-11:30 and all preschoolers are invited to come!

If you have not, please send in your child’s grandparents’ day form!


Have a blessed evening!

Miss O’Toole

Wonderful Wednesday


We started our day using bingo dobbers on a fall themed sheet. The preschoolers love using the dobbers and really take their time.

We read a story called “Goodnight Owl” and learned why owls sleep during the day. We learned that owls are nocturnal animals! Ask your child if they know what this means!

Pastor Biber led us in chapel this morning and talked to us about how Jesus loves all children and calls them to come to Him! He showed us a picture right outside the church office of Jesus inviting the children to come to Him. The preschoolers were so curious about the children in the picture and Pastor Biber said we don’t know those children but we know they are just like us!

Some highlights from center time today were our bean transfer center, our owl craft project and our dramatic play center! The students loved the bean transfer center because they were able to use preschool friendly tweezers to move beans from one bowl to another! We used our hands to tear the paper that helped to create our owls! The preschoolers loved tearing the paper and took the time to make sure their owl was covered!


Early dismissal on Thursday, October 22 at 12:30 PM. Parent teacher conferences start right away at 1 p.m. No school on Friday, October 23.

Have a great evening!

Miss O’Toole

Tip-Top Tuesday


We started our day by reviewing some letters that we have learned so far this school year! The preschoolers were asked to write the letters (H,T,I) on their paper. After they were finished they were able to play with blocks on the carpet.

Our story for the morning was called “The Little Scarecrow Boy”. This story told of a little scarecrow who wanted to be like his father to scare the crows away from the field. This helped to get us ready for our project during center time!

When out on the playground today, the children were playing so nicely and having so much fun (not to mention the weather was GREAT), that Mrs. Hofman and I decided to let them play a bit longer! They loved being able to spend more time outside!

Centers are always a favorite time for the preschool students! Today, we dressed up like scarecrows and pretended to “scare” the crows away. I also had rakes and fake leaves for the preschoolers to pretend raking! We also had our writing center with dry erase boards to practice writing our letters and to do some free drawing. There was a math center where the students we able to count and engage in number recognition. We also had our fall sensory table out. The preschoolers love scooping, counting and grabbing handfuls of the beans in the sensory table. During centers, Mrs. Hofman called out some friends to work on creating books called “Where is the Crow?”. These books worked on positional words such as below, above, next to, etc. This proved to be difficult for some but practicing this at home will help! 🙂 I pulled students out to create our handprint crows! These were fun for the preschoolers! They loved the feeling of the paint on their hands.

We had a great day in preschool!

Don’t forget about Parent-Teacher conferences on Thursday, October 22. A note came home today in your child’s folder as a reminder of your conference time!

There will be no school on Friday, October 23.

Have a blessed evening! See some of you tomorrow!!

Miss O’Toole

Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday!

We started our day by painting a squirrel which would be helpful during center time. The preschoolers were excited to start their day off with painting!

During circle time, we read a story called “The Very Busy Squirrel” and learned about all of the things that a squirrel collects to prepare for winter. We also learned a song called “Gray Squirrel, Gray Squirrel” (with motions)! Ask your child to sing it for you!

The preschoolers were very busy during centers. We had out peg boards (a preschool favorite), a patterning math center, a writing center and the sensory bin. The preschoolers moved from center to center in groups of three. During center time, the preschoolers were called to Mrs. Wolfgram to finish making their squirrel.They did this by tearing cotton balls to create the bushy tail on the squirrel and used a spray bottle to squirt gray paint onto the tail. The preschoolers were also called to me to work on a letter review sheet. We practiced identifying and making the letters! Look for these to come home in your child’s folder.

During Jesus time, we learned the story of Joseph and his brothers. We heard Joseph’s story and how he and his brothers had some happy, sad and mad days. Ask your child to retell Joseph’s story to you!

Picture retake day will be on Wednesday, October 21 at 8:30 a.m., if you are not satisfied with your pictures, please return the whole package for retakes.

Parent teacher conferences will be on Thursday. October 22! If you have not signed up for a time, please stop by the classroom to do so!

Have a blessed evening! See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Fantastic Friday


We started off our day by taking a fire safety scavenger hunt around the building. We took papers and crayons around and when we found an item on your scavenger hunt list we sat down and colored in the box that matched the item! The preschoolers loved this morning time activity!

During centers we used paper plates to make fire hats (some of us got a little messy 🙂 ), put together and colored a book called “I see a Firefighter”, did an alphabet matching center and engaged in dramatic play as firefighters.

During Jesus time, we finished up the story of Jacob and Esau. We learned a cute chant about Jacob and enjoyed singing it many times! The preschoolers still seem amazed that no matter what we do, God will always love us and will always be with us!

School pictures were sent home on Thursday and today. Picture retake day will be on Wednesday, October 21, if you are not satisfied with your pictures, please return the whole package for retakes.

Have a great weekend!

Miss O’Toole

Terrific Thursday

Today was a busy (but fun) day in preschool!

This morning we learned about the gear a firefighter wears to keep them safe. We also learned that although the firefighters wear gear (and it may look a bit scary) they are still a person just like you and me underneath it all. They are there to help and protect us and we should not be scared.

Our center time project was to assemble a firefighter. The preschoolers put each piece of the firefighter together and added their own special touch when adding the firefighter’s face. These projects looked great when finished and will be hanging in the hallway at school! (COME CHECK THEM OUT)

During centers we also practiced writing the letter “I” using a dobber sheet and some finished writing in journals about what they would do if they were a firefighter!

At Jesus time we learned the second part of the story of Jacob and Esau. We learned from this story that God is with us wherever we go! The preschoolers loved hearing that no matter what we do or where we go, we have God on our side!

Have a great evening!

Miss O’Toole

Wonderful Wednesday


What should you do if your clothes are on fire? STOP, DROP and ROLL! This was one of the things that the preschoolers learned today during our morning meeting time! Each preschooler had the chance to practice and each took this very seriously!

We also practiced what to do in case their is a fire in our building. We practiced stopping what we were doing in the classroom, lining up quickly and quietly and staying in line and walking until prompted to stop by the teacher. The kiddos did a WONDERFUL job at this! They pretended as if there really was a fire. Mrs. Wolfgram and I were so impressed by their hard work that each preschooler got to put a marble in the jar!

Centers were a busy time for the preschoolers:
Craft/Project: We finger painted with red, yellow and orange paint to create flames. The preschoolers loved using their fingers to paint and loved putting their own special touch on their work. These were left at school to dry. Look for these in your child’s folder on their next day of attendance.
Writing: We practiced writing the letter I. The preschoolers are really picking up the way to form the letters. Some of us also wrote in our journals about, “If I were a firefighter, I would…”.
Fine Motor/Manipulative: We used firetruck playdough mats and the preschoolers were able to add detail to these trucks (hose, ladder, wheels). We also did some ABC and firetruck puzzles. The preschoolers always love working on puzzles.
Dramatic Play: The preschoolers built houses and buildings our of wooden blocks and dressed up in fire hats and jackets. After this they were given firetrucks and pretended to put out fires on the buildings they built.Phones were put into the center so that the preschoolers could practice and pretend calling 911.

Pastor Biber led us in a chapel service this morning. He talked with us about prayer and the reasons that we should pray. We talked about how prayer is a time to talk to God.

Book orders are due by Friday, October 16.

If you have not already, please sign up for a parent teacher conference!

Miss O’Toole