Tip-Top Tuesday

Hello Preschool Parents,

Today was the last day of our shape study! We will continue to review and practice our shapes throughout the year.

We continued to practice the letter “H” which is our letter of the week. We used our “H” mystery bucket to find words that start with the letter “H”. We found a heart, horse, horn and hat. The kiddos and I made our letter H in the air with our fingers and practiced making the sound of the letter.

We read a story called “If Jesus Came to My House”. We found the word that started with the letter “H” in the title. The kiddos were so intrigued by this story and listened intently the whole way through even though it was a long book! We talked about some of the things that we would do if Jesus came to our house!

Here were our centers of the day:

Art: Our three year olds used shapes of different colors to create a shape collage. We talked about the different shapes and colors as the preschoolers worked. The four year olds used their shapes to create a picture. They really used their imaginations to make some wonderful creations. (These will be displayed in the hallway, stop by to check them out!)
Library: Today the kiddos were given books that were about shapes, colors and the letter “H”. They were able to sit in our rocking chairs or on pillows while looking at and reading the books.
ABC/Writing Center: The preschoolers used fine motor skills to place stickers on the letter H. The students then used crayons to write their own letter H on the same paper.
Dramatic Play: The preschoolers were encouraged to try on HATS and look at themselves in the mirror while going to the kitchen to find foods that start with the letter H.
Carpet Center: At this center the students were able to pretend play using one of our big doll HOUSES. We talked before centers about how house starts with the Letter H.

During Jesus time, our friend Zippy came to visit and was talking an awful lot about himself. He said he was the best and he was the greatest. We reminded Zippy that Jesus is number one and that without Him, we could not do anything!

Have a wonderful evening and see most of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Fantastic Friday

Happy Friday!

We started off our day by singing a song about all of the shapes we had learned this week. We practiced making each shape with our fingers and drew the shapes in the air. We focused on the oval today and learned a little rhyme about “Ollie Oval”.

The kiddos also had some opportunities to build the letter E while at the carpet! They are always so willing to volunteer and help out when needed :)!

Centers are always a favorite time for the preschoolers! Today the centers were:

Art: The preschoolers used fine motor skills to tear paper into small pieces. These small pieces were then used to line the outside of an oval. The kiddos really took their time and focused in this center!
Writing: The preschoolers continued to work on building the letter E. Some of them used paint to write the letter E and others used pipe cleaners to build E.
Block: The preschoolers loved building Noah’s Ark so much yesterday that it was a must to have this center again. The preschoolers took so much time and it really seemed that they were building the ark!
Puzzles: Shape and alphabet puzzles were available for use during centers today. The kiddos worked cooperatively and switched from puzzle to puzzle when finished! I also saw some great team work when they helped one another to finish puzzles.
Math: Today in the math center the Geo-Boards were available for use. The preschoolers used fine motor skills to stretch and manipulate rubber bands to create different shapes. They were so proud to show off what they made.

We closed up our Noah’s Ark unit by discussing all of the promises that God keeps with us. One promise that specifically sparked discussion was when “God promises to love us”. We talked about how God shows us love and how we can show love to one another. One preschooler said they can show love by giving hugs! (What a great answer!) This led to all of us joining together for a big group hug!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

Miss O’Toole

Terrific Thursday


Another great day in our classroom today.

The students came into the classroom this morning and worked together to complete a Noah’s Ark puzzle. They really enjoyed problem solving with one another to find out where each piece fit.

We learned about rectangles and continued to review the other shapes learned earlier in the week. The students have had fun hearing fun rhymes and ways to remember special things about each shape.
The preschoolers also took time during outdoor play to look for and point out rectangles that they saw on the playground.

Our centers today incorporated many different skills and aspects of our learning. We used shape puzzles to help with shape recognition and to get us thinking about where each piece fit. The students were able to paint the letter E to help them understand how the letter is formed and to continue giving them letter identification/recognition. A fan favorite today was “building” Noah’s Ark in our blocks center. The preschoolers used wooden blocks, tools and animals to create and sail in Noah’s Ark. The students also worked to match different shapes (rectangles, squares, circles and triangles) to their outline on a white piece of paper. The kiddos really took their time with this. The final center was sorting pattern block shapes into their appropriate category.

During Jesus time, the children and I sang “The Ants go Marching”. We paraded around the carpet singing the song in our very best voices. We also stopped throughout the song to have the children tell which animal they would like to add to the song next. The kiddos absolutely love learning the story of Noah.

Thank you for your help!

See some of you tomorrow.

Miss O’Toole

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello Preschool Parents!

Every morning during circle time the children love singing our good morning song. This morning we practiced singing it in a deep voice and sang it in a whisper voice! The children love trying new ways to sing our songs.

During our circle time we continued to explore the letter “E”. We used our mystery box and a story called “MY E Book” to find more words that start with the letter “E”. We found Eskimo, Elf and Eagle. We even found a friend in our class whose name started with E and drew a picture of them on our letter board!

We also discussed the triangle as our next shape. We talked about how many sides a triangle has. The Smartboard was used to show us everyday things that are shaped like a triangle (chips, yield signs, flags). Then we heard a little rhyme from our friend Tommy Triangle!

During center time today we focused a lot on all shapes.

Art: The students were able to build shapes today using popsicle sticks. The three year olds were given lines to use as a guide for building the shapes. The four year olds were asked to construct the shapes on their own with only a visual to use as a guideline!
Math: The students had sheets with 4 different shapes on each (square, circle, triangle, rectangle) and were given pattern blocks to sort and separate.
Sensory: The children continued to use shape sheets to roll Playdough to create different shapes.
Writing: The preschoolers used dry erase boards and stencils to practice tracing different shapes. The four year olds were also asked to write the letter E.

During Jesus time we continued to learn the story of Noah and the Ark. We learned about God’s promise to never send another flood again. They loved to see the rainbow as a sign of God’s promise.

Have a blessed day.

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Tip Top Tuesday


We started off our day with pictures! Thank you all for being so patient and working with me during this time! The children were so wonderful and I cannot (and I know you cannot) wait to see their beautiful smiles in the pictures!

We welcomed a new teacher’s aide, Mrs. Hoffman into our classroom today. The children welcomed her with open arms! Mrs. Hoffman is a teacher who brings many years of experience into our room. We are so blessed to have her.

Today we talked about a new shape, the circle. We looked at a book with no pictures that showed many things that were round. The preschoolers liked pointing out the things in the book that were round/circular and then liked searching our classroom for round/circular things. We talked about what makes a circle, a circle and while together on the carpet traced circles with our fingers.

Our centers of the day were:

Art: The children used toilet paper rolls dipped in paint to put circles all over their paper. They named the color of paint that was used and even tried to count all of their circles.
Sensory: The preschoolers used Playdough to create different shapes as shown on our shape cards. They used their hands to roll pieces together to make the different shapes.
Math: We had two different math centers today. The first involved the preschoolers sorting shapes into differently labeled bags (heart, circle, square, rectangle). The students also matched shapes to their outlines according to size. The second math center involved the use of Geo boards. These were used to give the children the opportunity to have the students create shapes of different sizes by stretching rubberbands along pegs.
Fine motor: The preschoolers were able to practice using scissors today. They were shown the proper form and the rules for using the scissors. Once students demonstrated this, they were able to make small snips all around the paper.

During Jesus time we read and learned the story of Noah and the Ark. The preschoolers had a chance to bring the animals up to the ark, 2 by 2. We will continue to explore this story a bit more.

Thank you!

Miss O’Toole

Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great extended weekend!

Just a reminder that tomorrow, September 22 is picture day! If your child does not normally come up on this day, you may bring them up at this time (8:15)!

This week we are focusing on learning our shapes. We will think of things we see everyday that match the shape we are studying. We will also begin learning our letter “E”.

Today we focused on SQUARE. We added the SQUARE to our shape wall and found some things (brownie and checkerboard) that were SQUARE shaped to add to the wall. We also looked around our room for things that were SQUARE shaped and found the Smartboard and the tiles on the floor. We talked about how SQUARES have 4 sides that are all the same size.

We also talked about the letter “E”. Some of the children confused it with “F” (which is an easy mistake) but they were reminded that an “E” has three little lines across instead of two. We used our mystery “E” bucket to come find things that start with the letter “E” and so far found an envelope, elephant and an egg.

We also read a very cute story called “Elmer”. This story was about an elephant named Elmer who was not like other ElephantsElmer the Elephant. Instead of being gray, Elmer was covered in colorful, square patchwork. The preschoolers loved this book and loved hearing about Elmer.

Here were our centers for today:
Art: We created our own Elmer the Elephant using colorful squares and gluesticks. The four year olds were able to cut their own squares for Elmer. The three year olds had their squares pre-cut.
Sensory: The preschoolers used Playdough to make shapes. There were different shape templates and the preschoolers used Playdough to create these shapes.
Math: Today we used pattern blocks of different shapes and colors to match patterns on cards. The preschoolers loved finding the pieces to match the cards.
Writing: We used stencils to practice making squares. Once the preschoolers made the squares, they were asked to make something out of the square. We also used this time to practice our letter “E”.
Blocks: We used wooden blocks to make square houses. The kiddos had fun building houses and were so proud of their creations.

During Jesus time we closed out our Adam and Eve portion. Today the students retold the story and even had the opportunity to act it out. They used props and had so much fun acting it out.

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!

Don’t forget about picture day tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Terrific Thursday

Hello Preschool Parents,

I’m sorry for not posting for the past two days, I have had some computer and wifi connection problems! I am happy to say that everything is back to normal and running smoothly.

We finished up our study of the five senses today with TASTE and SMELL.

At circle time this morning we added our last two pieces to Mr. Potato Head. We added a nose for him to SMELL and a mouth for him to TASTE. We discussed some of our favorite things to SMELL (cookies, stinky shoes, flowers) and some of our favorite things to TASTE. (pizza, broccoli, ice cream)

We finished up our study of the letter “F” and read a book called My Little “F” Book. It was a rhyming story that incorporated many things that start with the letter F. The kiddos had fun pointing out things they knew started with the letter “F”.

Here were our centers for the day:

Sensory Table: The students used our homemade snow in the sensory center today. The students love to mold and build with this. It even had a great SMELL to fit our 5 senses theme.
Taste Center: The preschoolers had fun tasting foods that were sweet, salty, bitter and sour. We even made a graph of our favorite TASTE.
Music Center: The preschoolers enjoyed experimenting with different musical instruments. They loved listening to the different noises they made.
Writing/ABC Center: Today the preschoolers used stamps that started with the letter “F” and put them onto a big letter “F”. After finishing they used chalkboards to continue to practice making the letter “F.

All week during Jesus time the kiddos have been learning about Adam and Eve and the first sin. They have really enjoyed learning about this story!

Have a great extended weekend! See some of you on Monday!

Miss O’Toole

Marvelous Monday

We had a great start to the week today!

Mrs. Wolfgram was sick today 🙁 so we had Mrs. Albrecht sub for her today. The children were very welcoming of her and loved having her in the classroom.

We are learning about the 5 senses this week! Today we started off with sight!

At circle time this morning we talked about what helps us to see and found that it is our eyes. We looked around the room and talked about what we saw.

A Mr. Potato head is being used to help us keep track of the senses that we have talked about. We will add a piece to Mr. Potato head each day as a new sense is learned!

We also read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Eric Carle. The preschooler had fun reciting lines in the story with me and making predictions as to what the animals would see next!

Before beginning our gross motor play outside, we took a walk around the playground and talked about some of the things that we saw. The preschoolers said things like slides, leaves, trees, cars and the city.

We are continuing our alphabet study and are moving forth with the letter “F”. I used my “F” mystery bucket to pull out objects that start with the letter “F”. The children had fun identifying these objects and coming up with other things that started with the letter F. We are making a poster of things that start with letter “F” and have so far come up with frog, football, fence, feet, fish and fan! WOW!!

Here were our centers for the day:

Writing Center: Today in the writing center we used our nature walk to influence our writing. In each child’s journal I wrote the sentence “When I was outside, I saw ________ with my eyes”. The children were asked to tell me a word to fill in the blank and then were to draw a picture of what they saw.

ABC Center: The children glued feathers to the letter “F”. We discussed that the word feather starts with the letter “F”.

Carpet Center: Today we used mirrors so that we could see ourselves. The children were given hats and glasses to use as they looked at themselves in the mirrors. The preschooler had an opportunity to draw a picture of what they saw in the mirror.

Math Center: Today we used our fine motor skills to help us sort beads of different shapes and colors into an appropriate bowl. The children were able to grip the beads using kid friendly tweezers (these even matched the colors of the beads). The preschoolers loved this center.

Sensory Table: The rice table was brought out again and the children were asked to search the rice bin for googly eyes that were hidden inside. (Googly eyes were used to reiterate the sight concept)

During Jesus time, we learned about Adam and Eve and the first sin that was committed. Dolls and props were used to help the children visualize and interact with the story. Before today’s lesson, I had never seen them so focused at the carpet! We sang a song today about how Jesus came to save us. The song was to the tune of “London Bridge”.
Everybody needs a Savior, Needs a Savior, Needs a Savior. Everybody needs a Savior. Yes, we do now!
Jesus came to save us all, save us all, save us all. Jesus came to save us all. Jesus loves us!

I am looking forward to a good day tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Fantastic Friday

What a fun filled week full of learning!

The kiddos learned so much this week and really showed an interest in their learning.

Today we focused on our hearts, blood and blood vessels! (That’s right, blood vessels) The kiddos learned at carpet time that our heart pumps our blood throughout our body and that the blood travels to all parts of our body through tiny tubes called blood vessels. They were all so excited about learning this! Take time to ask them some questions! 🙂

We also finished with the letter L today! The four year olds completed their “L” page in their Handwriting Without Tears workbook. They really enjoy this special time spent on writing!

Here is what our centers looked like today:

Art Center: We used our circle time discussion to influence our art center. The preschoolers used red and blue crayons to draw blood vessels all throughout their body. I was very impressed by their ability to stay so focused during this time.
Science Center: The students had so much fun in this new center today! We took a hands-on approach in exploring how blood travels through our blood vessels. We used eye-droppers to collect water. The students then used the eye-droppers to drop the water through a thin straw (to simulate how blood goes through the blood vessels). The preschoolers could not wait to get a chance in this center.
Writing Center: Today in the writing center the students had an opportunity to write a letter to anyone of their choice. They were able to write/draw about anything they wanted, then had to fold the paper and put it in the envelope. The kiddos had a great time in this center.
Blocks Center: Today the preschoolers used the wooden blocks to build a hospital for people who were sick. We had little people that were used as patients. The preschoolers were very motivated to build an awesome hospital.
Dramatic Play: Each group of preschoolers had a chance to engage in dramatic play. This is always a favorite of the children.

In our Jesus time today, we closed out our creation chapter and did an end of chapter activity. The children all had an opportunity to draw and color one thing that God had created on a large poster sheet. The children had fun telling Mrs. Wolfgram and me about what they drew! Come check out our great creation that is hanging in the hallway!

Have a great weekend.

Miss O’Toole

Terrific Thursday

What a wonderful Thursday it was in the classroom with the preschoolers!

Today we learned about our bones! We learned that our bones are what shape and support our bodies and without them we would look like spaghetti noodles. Some of the kiddos also took a guess as to how many bones we have in our body. Some of the guesses were 2, 4, 5, 7 and 100. When the kiddos found out the real number they were shocked and wondered where all of the bones were.

Here were our centers for the day:

Sensory: We continued to use shaving cream. The children are really starting to enjoy it and want to spend more and more time in this center. I saw many of the preschoolers making the letter “L” with their fingers in the shaving cream.
Writing: We used our dry erase boards to practice making our letter “L” as well. Some of the preschoolers used the letter shapes to help them and others wanted to practice on their own. After some time was spent making letters, the preschoolers were able to free draw and make their own creations.
Art: The preschoolers used Q-Tips and glue to make skeletons with bones. Our four year olds were able to use the glue bottle on their own while the three year olds had assistance with the bottle. These “Bone-y Skeletons” looked great.
Blocks: At the blocks center, the preschoolers used unifix cubes to show the bones in the human body. There was a picture up on the Smartboard that the students were encouraged to look at for inspiration.
Dramatic Play: The preschoolers were able to use the kitchen, dress up and babies today. I encouraged them to pretend that they worked in a hospital and were taking care of people with broken bones.

During Jesus time we brought out our puppet friend Zippy and talked with him about how after God created the world, he looked out at what he had created and rested. We compared that to how we rest after working hard at something.

The preschoolers are learning so much each day. 🙂

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole